About Us


The DRAGON Ticketing team has been accumulating its know-how and real-world experiences since 1989, when a group of researchers came together to form the basis of today's company. Over the years we have met and taken on challenges in the fields of public health, telecommunications and tourism, with a particular dedication to the arena of event management. Thus far, our products and services have been embraced by various partners ranging from economic institutions to national and government sectors, and have now spread to the Western and Southeast European markets as well.

We have been intently co-ordinating and upgrading our knowledge base and advancements gained from our experiences during the past few years. Our innovative solutions have contributed to significant trends and new development in the European electronic ticketing market, and have positioned our company in the leaders’ quadrant among providers of the finest and most reliable solutions in the industry.

Our professional team can bring a complex, integrated "know-how" to a successful "say-how" which has been proven throughout numerous successfully executed projects. Check our methods for more-efficient sales, finding hidden sources of higher income, and executing on those business processes that really work.

We'll be happy to share with you our success methods to help you excel in some of these areas:
  • selection, integration, training and full-scale adoption of informational and telecommunications technologies
  • full updates on business process methods
  • formulation, implementation and guarantees for event standards
  • event management
  • destination management, etc.

Our portfolio also consists of consulting services relating to the specific requirements of the individual business segment - as in the case of event management:
  • automatic access control systems
  • organisation and operation of the ticket distribution and promotional channels
  • selection, integration, training and full-scale adoption of informational solutions for congress events
  • planning, organisation and functional guarantees for city ticketing nets
  • logistics planning, organisation, steady and reliable levels of service at press centres, accreditation centres, etc.
The synergy of your ideas and our know-how is the best credential to our mutual success.