In today’s business climate, it’s not enough to merely design, develop and market a top-of-the-line system for a specific application. What’s even more important is providing clients with ongoing support and partnership, enhanced by the highest quality of complementary services, to ensure success and growth.

To help solve your electronic ticketing challenges, we are pleased to offer:
  • complete rental of the ticketing system to manage your event
  • software engineering and expert consultation in the specialised field of event ticketing
  • basic and advanced training for your technical and sales staff
  • technical support and help desk for end users
  • development of customised solutions for your unique business environment, such as data exchange among various essential systems (accounting, information and access control systems, etc.)
  • our knowledgeable staff on duty 12 hours per day, every day of the year
  • protective and adoptive reservation system support
  • design, production and printing of plastic access / identity cards for your employees, season ticket holders, members, etc.
  • development and creation of a dynamic web site for your company
  • hosting your web site on our professional server system: DRAGON HOST
  • ...and much more

Our company also provides special technical equipment for your in-house system:
  • professional-grade thermal printers to produce high-quality tickets
  • professional-grade output devices for printing and coding the plastic cards
  • high-quality bar-code readers
  • terminals for mobile ticketing and mobile access control
  • various access control units well as high-quality materials to achieve optimum results from the equipment:
  • standard tickets on thermal paper (in stock)
  • standard tickets on A4-format paper with holographic ribbon and invisible print (in stock)
  • tickets on order
  • plastic cards (in stock)

If your business needs with other ticketing-relating demans are specific to your business model, please let us know. We will make every effort to help you develop the highest-quality solution to meet or exceed your technological, organisational and budgetary goals.

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