EHF 2007 Men’s Champions Trophy

From the 19th to the 21st of October 2007, a top-level sporting event took place in the Zlatorog Celje Hall. The organisational committee of EHF (European Handball Federation) 2007 Men’s Champions Trophy began their event preparations back in November 2006. The organisers entrusted the electronic ticketing, access control and development of the event web page to DRAGON solutions.

The most prestigious sporting events require top-level organisation. In the event management field, including ticketing, the EHF adheres to precisely defined standards. These regulatory imperatives were fully supported by the capabilities of the DRAGON Venue solution, which enabled package pre-sales and sales with seat selection. One of the most popular instruments used by sports organisers to increase sales is offering ticket packages. In this instance, the organisers decided to provide three package types: a full package for all matches, one package for the first day of the event, and another package for the final matches. These packages were offered via the Internet, SITI sales net and additional MIK points of sale. The process was completely automated, and it supported seat selection for all three packages. Integrated access control systems ensured complete control over entry traffic and ticket validity.

To help create a dynamic and effective web presence for the event, an editing system was chosen to support effortless updating of page contents - latest event news, information about the organising city of Celje, the teams participating and their previous achievements and records, special activities, etc. The web site also offered online ticket sales and registrations for accreditation.
Real-time control of web page traffic and sales statistics, including via GSM, gave the organisers all the information they needed to make the most prudent and educated decisions on marketing activities.

»Taking part in such a high-level event, as a ticketing provider as well as an event partner, is of great importance - not only for our company but also in respect to the value of DRAGON offerings in the marketplace. Finding solutions to their challenges led the organisers to formulate new plans and objectives, with the full awareness that our company is ready and able to support their largest and most demanding events.«
Aljaž Mavrič, CEO Programski atelje A&Z d.o.o.

»Part of the credit for successful execution of our plans for the EHF Champions Trophy certainly goes to the solutions and the service provided by the company Programski atelje A&Z.«
Rado Pantelič, president’s deputy of OC and marketing manager of the event.


The primary sponsor and the organiser of the EHF 2007 Men’s Champions Trophy: MIK Celje.


Efficient ticket package pre-sales and sales with seat selection, event web page design and visitor access control.


Complete integration of the DRAGON Venue system, DRAGON Portal and SITI (SI Ticketing) web sales.


Successful outcome to the client’s requirement for efficient ticket sales and pre-sales, and full real-time control over sales results.